The following is a collection of resources for your benefit. For questions or suggestions, please contact Mike.

  • Walnut Oil - Find out what makes Mahoney's Utility Finishes stand a cut above the rest.  Mike explains why this finish will last for years, unlike so many other finishes out there today.

  • Bowl Care - How to ensure that your bowls last for years to come.

  • Wood Selection - Discover where Mike gets his wood from and how he chooses what wood to use.

  • The Process - What is the process of creating a fine wooden bowl?

  • See Mike's Shop - See a picture of the actual shop where the bowls are made.

  • Bowl Quality - What makes a Mike Mahoney bowl the best?

  • Ideas on Finishing - Mike shares his ideas on why certain finishes are better than others for utility bowls.  Read about how certain finishes penetrate and become part of the wood while others cover just the surface and are easily removed with soap and water.