bowlsMy walnut oil is 100% high linoleic acid walnut oil developed for woodworkers who want a non-toxic alternative to petroleum based polymerizing oils. What makes the oil unique is its ability to dry. I source my oil from trees in Northern California which are naturally high in two key fatty acids that help the oil polymerize. This is absent in culinary walnut oils. I also heat-treat the oil to remove the proteins that may cause allergic reactions to those predisposed to them.

I recommend my oil to be used for wooden articles that make contact with food (butcher blocks, salad bowls, kitchen utensils) but can also be a substitute for many wooden items (children's toys, indoor counter tops and even hardwood floors). I also offer a food safe oil/wax blend made from my walnut oil blended with carnauba and beeswax. This is used for any wax project where the user doesn't want to be exposed to petro distillates. My products are sold in all Woodcraft stores, Craft Supplies USA, Rockler, Klingspor, Packard, and many other independent outlets.