About Mike Mahoney

mike mahoney in front of wood shavings
mike mahoney working in his shop

Mike Mahoney has been a professional woodturner since 1994. His bowls are featured in galleries across the United States. Mike’s work is sought after by collectors all over the world. Mike is often requested to demonstrate and teach for woodturning clubs, craft schools, and symposia. He has traveled around the world to discuss and demonstrate his craft and is considered an authority in woodturning.

As you can imagine, Mike produces a lot of bowls and other turnings but he also produces enormous piles of wood shavings.

Artist Statement:

“I am passionate about my craft and the American Craft movement. I am dedicated to producing quality craft and educating the public about woodturning. My wood comes from urban sources (tree trimmers and local cities). I produce all my work on the lathe without any embellishments after the fact, creating a very traditional feel with contemporary ideas. I want my work to be attractive as well as useful. For my work to be admired is one thing, but for my work to be used fulfills my purpose as a craftsman.”

“Americans will habitually prefer the useful to the beautiful and they will require that the beautiful be useful.”

– Alexis De Tocqueville, Democracy in America (1840)